While it was good to see the law catch up with Mark Sandmann, whose insurance frauds involved an ice-cream van, did the law go far enough?

Considering that the fraudulent insurance claims could have amounted to a £100K pay out, a one-year suspended sentence for Sandmannn does seem light.

Having said that, there's more to this case than meets the eye, as Sandmann was part of an organised group of persistent scammers. 

Jason Peto, 360Globalnet's business development manager and fraud expert, "It goes to show that insurers need all the weapons they can get in the fight against fraud, especially when it comes to analysing the data that's right in front of them, as so often, it's here that patterns highlighting fraudulent behaviours start to reveal themselves." 

"Problems are often compounded by the fact that they can't get at the evidence as it's locked in unstructured data, emails and pdfs, that their IT systems are not capable of 'getting at' through data searches."

Added to this, the frustration that fraudsters don't always get their just desserts.