It's sad to see that the UK is even outdoing the US - long known as the country that invented the compensation culture - as a report reveals whiplash rates climb to 78% of injury claims, compared to 65% in the US.

The trouble is, insurers' systems don't necessarily collect the data that will give the full picture. And without the full picture insurers can miss fraudulent claims.  

In fact, a lot of the information that's critical to the PI claims assessment can be stripped out by business systems, instead of playing the ultimate detection role, to flag unusual or inconsistent information, to highlight whether the claimant, or other players in the claims process, are part of a wider group aiming to defraud the insurer.

Data sharing too - within the insurance industry and other parties, like the MoJ and the Police - is another key part of getting to grips with a phenomena that has spawned a whole life form of its own.